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Valorie Titus

I'm currently a PhD candidate at Binghamton University.  My research focuses on several aspects of Ambystoma tigrinum conservation on Long Island, NY.  In order to protect the tiger salamander, as well as the wetlands and upland habitat it occupies, thorough investigations need to be carried out in order to understand how this animal survives in its current range.  I am looking at several assessment techniques, like radiotelemetry,  that can give insights into the habitat usages and movements of these animals.  I am also interested in using molecular ecology to look at both past and current breeding populations to see whether or not human development has caused these populations to become isolated over time.  I eventually want to look at the effects of things like disease and invasive species, as well as the amount of human development, to provide information on how we should manage for potential threats to the population.


Contact Information

Valorie Titus, M.S.
Ph.D. Candidate, Ecology
Binghamton University
Brookhaven National Laboratory

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