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Mark Mandica

My research focuses primarily on the ecology of ephemeral wetland breeding amphibians. Academically, I have studied Ambystoma maculatum, Rana sylvatica and Ambystoma opacum (UMass, Amherst) and more recently Bufo quercicus and amphibian community composition within Everglades National Park (University of Miami, USGS) A wonderful place for amphibian research, but rather vacant in terms of Ambystoma.

Recently, I have moved to Atlanta to work in the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Amphibian Conservation Program. This program has primarily focused on the conservation of tropical frog species, but is gaining momentum in the field of native amphibian applied science.

Aside from my scientific curiosity, I am also a scientific illustrator specializing in herpetological pen and ink drawings. Ambystomatid salamanders are one of my favorite things to draw.


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Mark Mandica
Atlanta Botanical Garden