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Kiley Briggs

I recently finished with my undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont in the field of wildlife biology and am currently working as a field technician on a project aimed at developing a valid sampling method for Mudpuppies in the Lake Champlain basin. While I do not yet know where I will do this, I would like to get into a masters program in January of 2010 focusing on the ecology or conservation of snakes. I've been a TA for the UVM field herpetology class the past few years and will also be conducting regular road surveys in a nearby town this spring for an agency that will be installing the state's first amphibian underpass. A personal ambition of mine is to find a Marbled Salamander in Vermont although it is not a confirmed species here.


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Kiley Briggs
48A Manfield Ave
Essex Junction, VT 05452