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Joe Bartoszek

Joe Bartoszek received his PhD from the Biology Department at Wright State University, Dayton, OH, USA in 2009 where he studied the effects of habitat fragmentation on gene flow in Ambystomatid salamanders. He is currently employed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a Resource Contaminants Specialist in southeastern Washington state. He works with the Hanford Natural Resouce Trustee Council on issues related to Natural Resource Damage Assessments and Restoration at the Department of Energy Hanford site.


Contact Information

Joe Bartoszek
Resource Contaminant Specialist
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Mid-Columbia River NWR Complex
64 Maple St
Burbank, WA 99323

509-546-8338 (direct)
509-546-8303 (fax)

E-mail: or