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David Mifsud

My interest is with all Ambystoma but probably most interesting to me are the unisexual hybrids. I have been working with them for just over 5 years after I discovered the only extant population of the LJJ hybrid in Michigan. The historic account which came from Michigan State University Baker Wood lot has been extensively surveyed and this species is believed to be extirpated from there. I am interested in their reproductive behavior, habitat selection, and distribution. I have been working with Jim Bogart since he determine these animals to be LJJ in 2005. I am also working on mapping the various unisexuals throughout the State, particularly in SE Michigan. In addition to the the hybrid work, I also have been work on a long-term mark-recapture study on a population of A. maculatum to assess their response to fragmentation, loss of breeding habitat, and use of artificially created wetlands.

I have my own company, Herpetological Resource and Management and am also the Herpetologist for the City of Ann Arbor. In both capacities I conduct inventory and monitoring of amphibians and reptiles. My work is focused on amphibian and reptile conservation and management.


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David A. Mifsud, M.S., PWS, CE
Herpetologist/Ecosystems Specialist
Herpetological Resource and Management, LLC
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