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larval ID question and a proposed Ambystoma symposium

Pictures from the first Ambystoma.net meetup -- thanks to all who came!

Neat non-Ambystoma news: Scientists discover 395 million-year-old footprints - nearly 20 my earlier than the oldest tetrapod fossils to date (8 January 2010)

Congratulations, Illinois, on your new Official State Amphibian: the Eastern Tiger Salamander (6 January 2010)

Jefferson salamander habitat in Meriden, CT threatened by development (6 Jan 2010)

Bd fungus documented in northern Ohio, including in spotted salamanders (8 Dec 2009)

Non-Ambystoma news: Naturally-occurring bacteria on Plethodon cinereus could protect other amphibians against chytridiomycosis (20 November 2009)

Santa Rosa street closed until January for tiger salamander crossing (18 November 2009)

Conservation group praises Ontario's Jefferson salamander protections (19 November 2009)

Marbled salamander eludes NE Pennsylvania herp survey (15 November 2009)

Irish scientist recovers muscle tissue from 18 million-year-old salamander fossil (5 November 2009) ...another non-Ambystoma story, but too cool not to share

Massachusetts railroad extension may threaten blue-spotted salamander habitat (2 November 2009)

Some construction begins at Guelph, ON Jefferson salamander site (30 October 2009)

Wood frog embryos can "smell" tiger salamander predators, respond to cue after hatching (30 October 2009)

ScienceLives profile of Connecticut College chemist Marc Zimmer and his green fluorescent protein axolotls (28 October 2009)

Rochester, NY, considering wetland mitigation bank - article cites the Ohio EPA report, but then goes on to state "The banks also lead to more effective, successful mitigation projects. They help avoid a "puddle effect," where there are small, isolated projects that may filter water, or serve as a landing pad for geese, but have little other benefit." Argh! (28 October 2009)

The 9 weirdest-looking animals you didn't know existed - axolotls? Really? (15 October 2009)

Mining company and biologists collaborate to create mole salamander habitat (12 October 2009)

Just how many acres does the tiger salamander need? (11 October 2009)

Goldfish extermination to benefit Jefferson salamanders (21 September 2009)

Construction at Guelph Jefferson salamander habitat sabotaged overnight (2 September 2009)

Mexican axolotl population estimated at only 700-1200 individuals (27 August 2009)

OK, this is not Ambystoma, but it is way awesome (21 August 2009)

USFWS conservation plan for California Tiger Salamanders (74,000+ acres) up for public comment (17 August 2009; Santa Rosa Press Democrat and North Bay Business Journal; 18 August 2009 Center for Biological Diversity)

More on the Guelph construction project threatening Jefferson salamander habitat: Jim Bogart in the Guelph Mercury, and court hearing on protests in the Digital Journal (12 August 2009); Injunctions granted to both sides (13 August 2009)

Some California amphibians may need a lift to survive climate change (7 August 2009) -- not Ambystoma, but an interesting discussion on relocation

Guelph construction project halted to look for Jeffersons salamanders (7 August 2009)

Consequences of hybridization between invasive (Texas) barred tiger salamanders and native California tiger salamanders: NY Times, 29 June 2009 and Discover, 30 June 2009

Long toed salamander study at Waterton Lakes National Park, Calgary (6 June 2009)

Jefferson salamander may change business park plan (26 May 2009)

California Tiger Salamander a candidate for CA threatened or endangered status (13 May 2009)

Putative northern Jefferson's population threatened by development (10 May 2009)

California Tiger Salamander protections restored (7 May 2009)

Axolotl may go extinct in the wild (21 April 2009); article pdf on References page

Marbled salamander sites found in southern New Hampshire (12 April 2009)

Bait shops spread amphibian diseases (9 April 2009); Tuscaloosa News (12 April 2009)

Wisconsin Audubon Society assists with salamander survey (9 April 2009)

The Daily Show reports on the frightening possibility of military salamanders (8 April 2009)

Volunteers help salamanders avoid roadway massacre (4 April 2009)

Move to help salamanders backfires (3 April 2009); courtesy of HerpDigest

Another spotted salamander migration story, this one notable as being from your webmaster's hometown! (2 April 2009)

California Tiger Salamander (A. californiense) declared candidate for listing under California Endangered Species Act
: Center for Biological Diversity Report and CNAH News Release (28 Feb 2009)

Reticulated flatwoods salamander listed as federally endangered species (10 Feb 2009)

Human-interest story on spotted salamander breeding migrations (7 April 2008)

Spotted salamanders live dangerously (27 Aug 2007)